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Life and Spiritual Awakening Program


Life coaching has become more and more popular in our days. Having someone qualified next to you that can help you see your life from a higher perspective and keeping you accountable on making the necessary changes to produce the transformation you want in your life is of tremendous help. In the same time, therapy has become more and more popular too as most of us carry all kinds of hidden traumas and programs that are influencing our lives subconsciously so the only way we can live a life in complete freedom is to Heal and Transcend them once and for all. Also, we are living times where we are mostly focused on achieving success in our careers and financially, but we usually forget about our Souls and what’s truly meaningful in life. Life and Spiritual Awakening Program is designed to help you dive into the deepest points of your mind and soul and to get in touch with all aspects of your life, to let go of all the unnecessary luggage that is stopping you from living the life you want, so that you can be Reborn as the New You and in a way the Real You.

Razvan has created this program so that he can be close to you as a friend and partner for a few months in which you can dedicate yourself into producing the transformation you want in your life at the deepest level.



His experience in building the fastest growing European sales organization of an international project with tens of millions of dollars in turnover is helping him support you into producing the results you want in all the aspects of your existence and his experience on working with people on their spirituality either privately or in the Camps he is organizing will help you work profoundly on what’s truly going on with your “Engine”, which is your Soul. Once your Soul is Aligned, everything arranges automatically on the outer world, from relationships to physical health, career, financial, personal development and spiritual growth, contribution and impact.


He only works with 4-5 people individually so the criteria of selection is based on your motivation to be part of this program, your determination and willingness to produce the necessary changes that are aligned with your Soul and the way you want to live your life, and by the kind of positive impact you want to have around you and in everything you do after attending this program.


So if you are ready to awaken your Soul and all your gifts and to start living a new chapter of your Life as this New You, this mentoring program is the right place for you!



Learning how to use meditation so that you can connect with the deepest parts of your being


Healing and transcending childhood traumas and programs once and for all


Connecting to all the programs that are affecting you financially, so that you can attract the abundance you desire in your life, being in the same time fulfilled and in touch with your soul


Learning how to dissolve any form of low vibrations like stress, anger, anxiety, fear etc.


Making a specific plan to take care of your body so that you can be healthy and full of energy


Learning how to put yourself in a state of Peace and Serenity no matter what is happening in the outside world


Creating an effective Time management


Creating healthy and productive daily habits aligned with all aspects of life


Creating an effective Money management


Learning how to build amazing relationships with all the ones you love


Strengthening the relationship with the one you love or aligning yourself so that you can attract the kind of person that you want in your life


Setting up a growth strategy for the years ahead


Clarifying your intentions and making specific plans on what you want to create and how you want to live your life in the years ahead


Learning how to access completely your feminine and masculine energy


Rising your vibration and your level of Consciousness


Connecting yourself to the vibration of Love and learning to Live in this state


Strengthening the relationship with Divinity


Attracting unexpected Magical Experiences for all the duration of the program :)

For who is Life and Spiritual Mentoring Program

For the ones that want to take complete control on their thoughts and emotions and remove any fears or limits that might keep them from expressing their full potential, so they can grow and expand beyond any limit

For the ones that want to go to a profound inner journey where they can get clarity and asnwers in all aspects of life

For the ones that want to trully discover themselves and their path on the journey of life, to find that inner power and creativity to manifest everything they feel that is aligned with their soul

For the ones that want to have a spiritual transformation that can be also integrated in the modern world

For the ones that want to have a spiritual transformation that can be also integrated in the modern world

For the ones that want to find their gifts through which they can positively impact the lives of the ones around and to make this world a better place

For the ones that want to live life in a beautiful state, full of inner peace and serenity and to have meaningful relationships full of Love and Grace

How does the Life and Spiritual Mentoring Program work:

The duration of the program is of a Minimum of 3 months

One session a week online of 1:30 min

Constant communication on WhatsApp or similar platforms with Razvan

Receiving a workbook specially designed to keep you accountable and focused for all the duration of the program

Continuous updates and materials to support your Life and Spiritual evolution



Access to one Life and Spiritual Camp Online or Physical


Access to private events and programs recommended that can support you in your life and spiritual journey


Access to a community of like-minded and like-hearted people


Access to investment opportunities


Access to private trips and spiritual trips organized by Razvan and his community


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Ramona Dima

PHONE NUMBER: +40729569053


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