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About Awaken a New You

Online or Physical


Awaken a New You it’s a 4 days transformational program meant to help you get out of your normal environment and to dive into the most profound parts of your life and soul, from relationships to health, career, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual, helping you Awaken to what’s truly real, seeing clearly the unnecessarily luggage that you have carried and that prevented you in being You as You really are so that in the right environment and with the right guidance and tools you can Become Free of everything that is holding you back and being Reborn as The New YOU.

What is Meditation?

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Meditation can be seen either as a practice that has been used in multiple cultures and religions for thousands of years to connect to the spirit or it can be seen as a non-religious practice to calm the mind and slow down the brain waves. There are multiple types of meditation which makes it difficult to define it in any way as it involves a state that differs from practice to practice and that can only be understood through experience. In Life and Spiritual Camp, meditation is the foundation of the whole 4 days journey, together with other well-known techniques or others that are unique and guided so that you can go in the depth of what’s truly happening in your life and to produce the transformation you want.

What will you experience in Awaken a New You?

Healing and Forgiving Meditation

We all carry wounds and traumas from our past either from childhood, relationships, businesses or any other aspect of life and until they are fully healed and transcended, they are like viruses affecting our operating system in day-to-day life. This part of the program is meant to remove the chains of the past so we can finally be Free.

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Forest Meditation

Nature is and has always been our source of Reconnecting and Rebalancing. In this part we will learn to take control upon our minds and just Be in the state of No Thoughts, in the state of complete Presence, reconnecting in the same time with Mother Earth, nature and all living beings.

Meditation to Release Fears, Blockages and Beliefs that keep us in place

We all have unlimited potential but what is usually holding us back is our fears and programs that are rooted deep in our subconscious mind. The Fire Camp Meditation is a process that allows us to connect with this fears and programs at their roots so that we can Transcend them and Liberate from them once and for all.

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Opening the Energy Centers

In order to be completely functional and harmonized it’s important to have our energy centers (also known as chakras) fully operational. In this process we will have an intense series of breathwork and focused visualization meditation on opening our energy centers so we can have a beautiful spiritual journey after.

Connect to the Divine Meditation

No matter how we see God or even if we don’t believe in His existence, our perception regarding the Divinity comes with a lot of programming from family, society, religion or personal experiences. This meditation’s journey it’s a reconnection and strengthening of the Inner Presence of the Divine and it’s beyond any words can explain…the whole 3 days work leads to this part of the program.

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Love Meditation

There are many forces in this Universe and The One that has the power to completely transform us individually and all together as humanity is the energy of Love. Love is not just an uplifting feeling, but it’s also a State of Consciousness that changes our whole perception of reality and in order to live in this State it’s important to activate the vibration of Love For Us, Inside Us, so that we can then expand it to everything and everyone around. Reaching this State and beyond and learning to maintain it in the day-to-day life is the completion of the 4 days program.

Benefits of participating to
Awaken a New You


Learning to meditate, to calm down your mind and reduce the brain waves


Learning to access the subconscious mind and to get in touch with the programs that are influencing your life


Learning to be Present


Learning to unite your mind with your heart


Accessing Spiritual and Physical healing


Healing your relationships and your past


Learning to rebalance and renew the relationships with the people we love


Learning to dissolve the low vibrational states such as stress, fear, anxiety, worry, depression, anger, guilt etc.


Reconnecting with nature


Learning to breath properly and to use breathwork for both physical health and spiritual experiences


Becoming conscious of your fears and learning to transcend them


Observing the manifestation of your Ego and how it’s affecting your life and your relationships


Learning to open your energy centers (chakras) and to rise your energy


Learning to reconnect with the Divine presence in You


Clarifying all the important aspects of your life and sending in the Universe your intentions for the years to come


Increasing the level of Consciousness and Perception


Get Acces To the Universal Information


Create beautiful connections with a group of like-minded people


Learning to integrate your spiritual path into the modern world


Reactivating the vibration of Love inside of You and learning to align with this state all the aspects of your life


Achieving and maintaining a state of Peace and Serenity no matter what’s happening in the outer world

For who is Awaken a New You?

For the ones that want to live life in a beautiful state, full of inner peace and serenity and to have meaningful relationships full of Love and Grace

For the ones that want to take complete control on their thoughts and emotions and remove any fears or limits that might keep them from expressing their full potential, so they can grow and expand beyond any limit

For the ones that want to get out for 4 days from the day-to-day life and go to a profound inner journey where they can get clarity and asnwers in all aspects of life

For the ones that want to trully discover themselves and their path on the journey of life, to find that inner power and creativity to manifest everything they feel that is aligned with their soul

For the ones that feel they have unhealed experiences and relationships from the past and want to heal them once and for all

For the ones that want to have a spiritual transformation that can be also integrated in the modern world

For the ones that want to find their gifts through which they can positively impact the lives of the ones around and to make this world a better place

Location for the physical event
Transylvanian Inn, Bran


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  • Access to the 6 meditations of the program

  • Access to the Q&A sessions where you can also ask specific questions

  • Access to a community of like-minded people with whom you can create beautiful friendships

  • Workbook

  • A recommended diet before, during and after the Camp

  • Access to a Facebook and WhatsApp Community




297.77 €

697.77 €


997.77 €

497.77 €

includes Access to the Online Event + 1:30 min private session with Razvan




  •  Access to the 6 meditations of the program

  • Access to the Q&A sessions where you can also ask specific questions

  • Access to a community of like-minded people with whom you can create beautiful friendships

  • Workbook

  • A recommended diet before, during and after the Camp

  • Access to a Facebook and WhatsApp Community            ​​​​


4 days access at what’s included at location:


  1. lunch and dinner. The resort serves Ovo-Lacto vegetarian meals that are gluten and sugar-free and made with fresh and healthy ingredients.

  2. Complimentary water

  3. Complimentary unlimited access to the location facilities


777.77 €

997.77 €

per person based on the Double occupancy

1197.77 €

977.77 €

per person if you request to stay Single in a room

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All the Benefits of Live Package



A private 1:30 min session with Razvan after the Camp for even deeper diving in your life & spirituality and for complete Integration


1077.77 €

1197.77 €

per person based on the Double occupancy

1397.77 €

1297.77 €

per person if you request to stay Single in a room

Money Back Guarantee


Awaken a New You has been created to produce massive Transformation in Your Life, which already happened for so many people. Most people that attended the event feel they received from it far more than what they expected, but if you feel you are not satisfied with what you received after the program we will refund your money, minus the costs of the accommodation.



Thea Haimovitz- TV presenter

I learned that this part of connecting to the Light is a very deep one and at the same time I learned to accept that the road is part of the destination and that you can't get to the destination without being on the road ... and that it's ok to cry, that it's ok be happy and I want to thank you for that Razvan!


Iuliana Neagu- Therapist, Phychologist, Co-Author of the book "Secretele intregii vieti"

I usually do not accept many invitations to such events, for various reasons, but at this Camp I felt to participate and I want to congratulate us for the power we have chosen to express being here. Congratulations Razvan for this incredible space of Love. Let's offer Love according to the Laws of the Universe, because only by Giving will we acquire a better world!


Cezar Surdulescu -Entrepreneur, International Speaker

During the years I've lived in my mind a lot and in the superficial. I learned to unite my Heart with my Mind and that's when I realized how it is to live the Present Moment, and even more, I realized how amazing it is to Feel. I've met Razvan a few years ago and I feel like he is a gift in a lot of people's lives, but most importantly in mine.


Delia Antal- Actress, Director, Film Producer

In this Camp I realized that in fact, what to offer, because no matter how much I give and no matter how much I would do for others, they do not do for me and I would not fulfill them anyway because everything starts from us. You have to be ok with you. And in the end, I can't help anyone if that person doesn't want to help themselves!


Christos Christofi-
Coach, Entrepreneur

It's a Pure Energy here! It's Amazing! I came to heal myself, to open the wounds. This is very big, to open the wounds and it's something very good, very new for me, because I liked to skip the wounds and somehow subcounciosly after 3,4,5 years we react in some things  like, why am I doing this? And we realise that it's not who we really are and that's because of the wounds we carry for too long. I truly belive that is Camp it's the place to Heal them once and for all!

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